Monday , July 26 2021

One of the New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Feels Very Unbalanced

Rainbow Six Siege will expand once more before the end of the year with the introduction of the new Operation Wind Bastion map and two additional operators. After playing around three hours from the new DLC season, I'm sure I can say Nomad and Kaid are both fun to play, but one of them poses a big problem for Ubisoft developers.

Nomad, the attacker, is in a good place. Its main weapons come with devices that launch wind-powered landmines. When the opponent approaches, the mines blow up all the enemies back and out of their feet. The opposing player given cannot use their weapon for a short time, and must rise again before they can attack or move again. Mines can be used defensively to protect your pelvis or over-attack the enemy, and they are effective in achieving both goals. But, most importantly, there is a relatively special situation needed because of its ability to be used to its full potential – using it in the wrong location and its strength will make a little difference. The balance, then, seems to have been struck by the expert.

Kaid's new defender, on the other hand, has a problem. His Electroclaws, stick-shaped devices that thrash an infinite number of metal objects within a small radius, feel overwhelmed mastery, especially because they make old operators almost completely useless. Why would anyone choose a Bandit and four shock cables – capable of shocking a total of four reinforcements or spreading – when they can take their Kaid and three Electroclaws, which if placed intelligently can be imagined able to fulfill nine objects, including hatches? And because Electroclaws are small and can be placed at any height, it makes location and destroying them very difficult for attackers.

That's even before you reach a strong loadout, which offers a quick-fire AUG-based SMG or shotgun that is pressed very strongly next to a powerful, high-power gun. The loadout brings together three Kaid armor, one speed setting to make it a formidable anchor. Ubisoft has been trying to balance the loadout by introducing delays before the Electroclaws are active, which means players can quickly react and destroy activated pellets-slow Hibana before they explode, but you can't do the same for faster Thermite costs. But that is a small weakness for a very strong operator. Nerfs must arrive immediately after launch – or even before if the test server community reports similar observations – or the risk of introducing Kaid to the detriment of one or all Hibana, Thermite, Bandits, and Mute.

In the story of Siege, Kaid is a Nomad teacher in the Moroccan GIGR special forces. A new map of the game, Fortress, is also Moroccan, and I'm happy to say it's a technical term here – banger. With a large roof area that offers the attacker a large scope to descend from above, it forces the enemy team to play defensively. Despite the size of a large Fortress, later, he offered a welcome trip back to the action of a limited, claustrophobic, famous short-range siege for the first year.

Wind Bastion is formed, as usual with the Siege DLC, which is tight, decent expansion that brings additional welcome to the roster. The Nomad has to slot well with the rest of the now 46-strong lineup, and the Citadel is an excellent new map that offers a nice taste of old Siege to accompany North African aesthetics. However, Kaid needs to be huddled hard in the coming weeks so as not to disturb the complicated balance of Siege.

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