Mountain climber defeated No. 7 KU in the last seconds


Morgantown, W.Va. – The trip to WVU Coliseum never seemed to go too smoothly for the Kansas basketball team, and the Jayhawks' experience against West Virginia on Saturday afternoon was no different.

Jermaine Haley's layup in the final seconds proved to be the match winner for the Mountaineers who were starving for victory, who took their first Big 12 win, 65-64.

Dedric Lawson made his 12th double-double this year, contributing 15 points and 1 rebound for the Jayhawks (overall 15-3, 4-2 Big 12).

Haley leads the Mountain Climber (9-9, 1-5), with 13 points.

Here is a quick look back at a few actions:

• The game changes when: Bell rings.

Turnover took control of most of the first half, with both teams struggling to find a semblance of rhythm.

After KU coughed 13 times before halftime and WVU did its part, with eight prizes, the two teams that entered the day at the opposite end of the Big 12 standings into the dressing room with the match tied to number 23.

No team can create a separation that increases confidence during most of the second half.

Luckily for WVU, the campus basketball match only lasted 40 minutes, and the Mountain Climber took the lead when the game hours reached 0:00.

When Marcus Garrett drove for a layup with 2:35 gone, it gave KU the biggest advantage in the game. But WVU had a deficit of one more than a minute later, with Wesley Harris 3-pointers and layup Derek Culver posted a failed jumper by Garrett.

I missed the last five shots from the floor.

• Offensive highlights: Considering I spent six layups in the first half and shot 37 percent from the floor in the first 20 minutes, the chances of the Jayhawks giving some kind of dropping game didn't look too good.

However, as he did earlier in the week during the Jayhawks home win over Texas on Big Monday, second-class guards Marcus Garrett proved that he could do more than just defend and facilitate.

Garrett attacks the rim from the top of the key by first blowing through the exit. When a pair of Mountain Climber slipped into the paint to try to cut Garrett, he jumped between them, creating the air space he needed to get off his bed.

The beautiful lay-in as you will see is cunningly ended, as Garrett stretches out his right hand to take the glass from the ball with enough English in an attempt to score from a strange angle.

• Defensive spotlight: The anticipation and strong hands of Garrett are often useful for me on the road.

During one rough sequence that characterized the first half, KJ Lawson missed a 3-pointer and WVU's big man Derek Culver grabbed a rebound rebound. But when Culver was seen passing the ball to a nearby teammate, Garrett jumped over the passing track to steal a third in the first round.

The intoxicating second-level guard immediately approached KU's new student David McCormack for a layup.

Garrett managed to do it again at the last minute, also helping to make up for the shot he had just missed with KU who was only one point on the road.

Garrett finished with six steals, three assists and 15 points.

• Main Stat: Points in paint.

Much of the afternoon seemed like the yellow part of WVU court was the only one from which both teams could get the chance to fall.

WVU scored 20 of 23 points in the first half inside and beat the Jayhawks in the 20-16 category for the first 20 minutes of the match.

Kansas did a rather better job of keeping Mountaineer out of the restricted area in the second half. WVU scored 14 of 42 points in the second round.

The last point in the paint calculation: WVU 34, KU 32.

• Next: The Jayhawks will be back at Allen Fieldhouse Monday night to face Iowa State.


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