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Michigan soccer players celebrate victory over MSU

If you miss it (and we know you didn't), Michigan is really destroying the state of Michigan in a way that hasn't been done since 2002, destroying the Spartans, 44-10.

This is the second year in a row where corn and blue dominate green and white, but this time the value is far more skewed than the business 21-7 years ago.

Wolves come alive in all three phases, with Shea Patterson breaking Tom Brady's passing record in competition on offense, all defense but closing MSU offense after the first (and only) Spartan touchdown, and Khaleke Hudson getting another special team punt block.

This time, for the MSU faithful, there was no reason or cover for losses. There is no 'defeat by dignity,' there is no reason – despite many offensive injuries – which can justify how thoroughly Michigan dominates the State.

If you were not active on social media on Saturday night, then you might have missed some Michigan players now and before who used Twitter to celebrate big wins while placing Sparty (aka 'Little Brother,' as many say person) in its place.

You have covered WolverinesWire with some of the best reactions here.


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