Measles outbreak in the Vancouver area: County announces public health emergencies


Clark County has declared a public health emergency after a measles outbreak that has made at least 19 people sick, 18 of them children.

Clark County Council Chair Eileen Quiring announced an emergency on Friday, the same day that the list of sites linked to the outbreak included the January 11 Trail Blazers at the Portland Moda Center which was attended by 19,000 people.

According to a news release by the county, the declaration allows the county to have access to additional resources outside the region.

Measles outbreak in the Vancouver area: What you need to know

Eighteen Clark County area children and one adult had preventable diseases, public health officials confirmed, and seven others suspected of having it. Sixteen of the confirmed cases were in people who had not been vaccinated.

Measles outbreaks in the Vancouver area: Where you might be exposed

Measles is a highly contagious viral disease that spreads in the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Estimated eradicated years after the vaccine hit U.S. in 1963. Before the vaccine, 400 to 500 people would die every year, and 48,000 or more were hospitalized.

Clark County has one of the worst vaccination rates among all Washington states, with only 77.4 percent of all state students completing their vaccinations, according to state records.

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