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Jason Garrett would be very sought after on the open market – ProFootballTalk

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Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett's job security has been a frequent topic of conversation over the last decade and the team's current three-game losing streak has brought it back to the forefront once again.

Garrett has gotten votes of confidence from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones this month and he got another one from the elder Jones during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday. Jones was asked to address the thought that Garrett is on the hot seat.

"I want to talk about our team, talk about the coach," Jones said. "I have felt that we got a lot invested in Jason Garrett. He's had a lot of years that he's been a part of the Cowboys and he evolved into what, I think, is a top coach. He would be very sought after coach if he was out here in the open market. So, there's a lot of pluses there. He brings a lot to the table and I can genuinely say that that is not a thought that I am having. So, it would be unfair to our fans for me to have any indication about what I might think of the future as far as the head coach. "

Given Jones's belief that Garrett is a top coach who would be in high demand from the teams trying to beat the Cowboys, one might wonder why the Cowboys have not extended his contract beyond the 2019 season.

"Everybody is aware that we're on the last year of his agreement," Jones said. "But that really just means that we can all sit down and take a look at things at the end of the year. That was the case when he won the first three ball games, and still the case today after losing the last three. "

As long as those losses continue to come, Garrett's immediate future with the Cowboys will continue to be a weekly topic of conversation regardless of how often members of the Jones family say it shouldn't be on the table.

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