Saturday , May 8 2021

Horror Crash in the World Standing Tightest Street Sends Cars Flying Through Safety Fences

Two drivers, two photographers, and one Marshall race were hospitalized after a terrible accident that made Sophia Flörsch fly, with her front wheels hanging in her car, going up and past another driver, through a plane crash, and then becoming a photographer standing outside corner. This is what can happen in Macau, the street course has stalled in the world.

The speed and severity of the Flörsch accident are, I don't want to keep saying terrible, but it really is much faster and rougher and more sudden than the wreckage you see in the racing arena with many safe runoff areas.

Flörsch hit fellow driver Sho Tsuboi at the tight Lisbon corner in the Formula 3 race yesterday at the famous Macau GP. Flörsch has lost his front wheel in another incident above, as reported by Autosport. The two drivers were aware, as the race organizers were initially announced.

Later medical announcements from race officials, discovered by, stated that Flörsch had been diagnosed with a vertebral fracture:

Flörsch himself tweeted today that he would undergo surgery, and that he was "fine," proving that car drivers have a very different idea from what is "fine":

Adding to the horror of accidents, race broadcasts seem to only show a small part of what happened. Flörsch towards the air looks more like a video error than others:

While people watching in the stands see everything, which is disturbing to watch:

Its speed makes it difficult even on the video to see clearly what's happening, but one person standing on the inside of the corner gets a full view in slow motion. Again, this is difficult to watch, knowing how many people are injured:

The world of racing learned in the 1960s and 1970s when cars grew faster and faster, race tracks needed more space between drivers and potentially deadly obstacles. But this accident shows how much danger the drivers face, and how difficult it is to protect them when space is limited. Don't forget that a motorcycle racer died in Macau last year.

We will update when we get more information about the conditions of Flörsch, Tsuboi, photographers and Marshall.

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