Google Project Fi Can Come to iPhone, OnePlus and Samsung Devices


Google Project Fi services may soon get a serious improvement. According to the post that has now been removed from BGR, which seems to be a broken embargo on Google's upcoming announcement, Google opened Project Fi to more devices.

More specifically, Google can add support for devices from Samsung, OnePlus, and LG and Motorola, reporting Droid Life. Some LG and Motorola devices have worked with Project Fi, but Google has the potential to add more devices from this brand to its warehouse.

And if OnePlus and Samsung are not enough, Google can add support for Apple iPhone devices – in beta.

The only catch here is that you might not get the full "Google Fi" experience on this device. And for a full Fi experience, you should get a device that is "designed for Fi" and officially sold by Google and its partners.

And pay attention to Google Fi branding? Google was finally able to remove Project Fi branding and replace it with Google Fi branding, as we reported earlier this month.

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