Fortnite: The best way to destroy Ranged Ice demons and Golden Ice Brute | Location of the Ice Storm challenge |


The third day of the Ice Storm event on Fortnite Battle Royale was in our hands and there were two more challenges that the players had to solve.

Two challenges, which are the sixth and seventh of the Ice Storm events, require players to destroy 150 Ranged Ice demons and 20 Golden Ice Brutes.

These creatures, of course, belong to Ice Legion, which consists of various creatures such as zombies that appear on the map and try to cause damage to players.

A powerful weapon of choice for dealing with Ice Legion creatures is the Fiend Hunter Crossbow, which has an unlimited amount of ammunition and has been added to special maps to help fight these monsters.

Another good choice would be to use Mounted Turrets placed in front of where they lay eggs, or use Assault Rifles, Pistols, or Explosive Weapons, because causing damage to them simultaneously will get progress in several other challenges.

As for the place to find these creatures, Ranged Ice Devils generally appear near Ice Shards which can be found sticking out from the ground.

Be sure not to confuse this with ordinary Ice Devils, because Ranged is higher, has a glowing head and torso, and can launch deadly snowball attacks from afar.

Dealing with the Golden Ice Brute can be a little more difficult and time consuming because they tend to lay eggs into the later stages of the game, have far more health than other enemies, and can cause a lot of damage.

A good strategy for completing this challenge is to play conservatively until the middle phase of the game, then visit Ice Shard to try and get Brute to appear.

If it takes a long time for Brute to appear, it is best to just go to another Ice Shard to save time and try to get as much as possible before it becomes difficult.



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