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Evidence There Is No Royal Fight Between Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton

The royal family may have a policy of "never complaining, never explaining", but that certainly does not mean that there has never been any kind of drama inside the palace walls. Just like other families, the nobles have disputes from time to time, and they even have ongoing tensions.

When Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry, it's safe to say that the fans think he's a little shaken. After all, Duchess Meghan placed her own spin on royal life: She did things her own way and tended to bend rules and protocol whenever it suited her.

Other family members rarely deviate from tradition, so it's natural that many people think that Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate might just have a personality clash. Immediately after the wedding, rumors began to circulate that the two duchesses did not get along.

At one point, the situation became so bad that it was said that they did not even speak verbally. Fortunately speculation has died down. This is why royal fans now believe that there is no royal feud between the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Rumors of tension between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle attends the annual remembrance Sunday.
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Most royal fans can agree that when Duchess Meghan joins the family, no one really expects Kate and Duchess Kate to be good friends. After all, they were two completely different people: Duchess Kate was an Englishman, while Duchess Meghan was a former American actress.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been part of the family for years, while royal life is completely new to the Duchess of Sussex. However, almost immediately we began reading in the headlines that the two did not match at all.

According to Her, the alleged fall began when Middleton took her daughter, Princess Charlotte, for a bridesmaid's dress suitable for Markle's wedding, and finally left in tears. After that, rumors got worse over time. And, when Princess Harry and Duchess Meghan surprised everyone with their decision to move to Windsor, it was said that Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan's hostility were the reason.

Royal fans soon learned that they were moving only to avoid the London spotlight, and soon the rumors of tension between them were turned off.

The real feud is actually between Prince William and Prince Harry

Apparently, there was never friction between the two duchesses at all. Unfortunately, it was revealed that the real split was between their husband, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Newsweek reports that rumors began when Prince Harry prepared to marry Duchess Meghan in 2018, and Prince William was worried about how fast they were doing things. He sat his younger brother to speak, and since then, there has been a dispute between them.

When Prince Harry recently spoke of rumors in a documentary, he admitted that royal life was clearly stressful. He also added that being in the public eye means almost no privacy, and he acknowledged that he and Prince William "went in different directions."

Even so, the Duke of Sussex made sure to say that he and his brother would always love each other no matter what.

Why do royal fans believe that there is no dispute between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle?

Even though we know that there is tension between Prince Harry and Prince William, why do fans believe that Duchess Meghan and DuchessKate are not part of the drama? According to Us Weekly, it's because Duchess Kate can clearly see how stressful Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are – and she doesn't like it one bit. He has sympathy for both of them, and that can only mean that he has their best interests at heart. It seems like the royal in-laws are closer than we thought.

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