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EToro analysts say the new Bitcoin (BTC) rally is starting, making scenery with $ 20,000

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eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan think about Bitcoin (BTC) running the next satellite dish is still in its early stages.

Recently Interview with Bloomberg, Greenspan touched on the latest price action that saw Bitcoin jump more than $ 8,000 this week. While the largest digital currency has since been pulled back to around $ 7,000, Greenspan is very bullish on the leading digital currencies going forward.

"We are only part of a larger cycle. Bitcoin has gone through several cycles before, "he told Bloomberg. "We are talking about 10,000 increases to 50,000 times, and then this has a massive withdrawal that can be 80% or even 90%."

Greenspan separately took to Twitter on Friday to deliver brief technical disruption Bitcoin, noted that if it reverses the current retracement, there are very few resistance points between $ 8,000 and $ 20,000.

As we previously reported, Fibonacci retracement levels based on previous highs were 23.6% ($ 7,024), 38.2% ($ 9,372), 50% ($ 11,269), 61.8% ($ 13,166) and 78.6% ($ 15,867) , according to Greenspan.

In the interruption, Greenspan accurately estimated that we would quickly see $ 7,000 when BTC traded around $ 5,000. Time will tell whether the latest predictions will pay off.

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Image: Marco Verch / Flickr

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