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Emergency heat applies from Boston to NYC, Washington, D.C., with a record high in danger

Panas has been blamed for the deaths of three people last weekend, and more lives are in danger with warnings of excessive heat and advice stretching from eastern Kansas and Oklahoma to Maine and South Carolina this weekend.

Before the weekend begins, the mayors Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., declared a heat emergency and New York City and Baltimore issued a Code Red Extreme Heat Alerts. A hot emergency is expected to end on Sunday or Monday unless canceled or extended further.

"The temperature we witnessed in our city today and tomorrow can be the highest we've seen for years. Really," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged his city in Twitter posts Saturday afternoon.

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The sun rises above the City of New York and the Empire State Building while a man squirts water on Pier A on Saturday, July 20, 2019 in Hoboken, NJ High temperatures in the 90s are estimated for Saturday and Sunday with a heat index of more than 100 (Photo of AP / Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

Police in Braintree, Massachusetts, asked people to delay committing crimes until after the heat wave passed.

"People. Because of the tremendous heat, we ask that anyone who thinks of committing criminal activity to delay until Monday," the department wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. The post has gained more than 120,000 shares since Friday.

Hot emergencies usually involve the opening of a cooling center, extension of hours of public swimming pools and cities often apply special measures to keep residents safe.

At 10am, EDT on Saturday, Boston has reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit with AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature from 98. The day's height is 97.

Temperatures continue to increase in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., the four enter the 90s during the day. The height of Baltimore on Saturday reached the mark of the century.

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York surged to 99 at the beginning of the weekend, which broke 96 daily records set in 2013 and 1991.

At 3pm EDT sites along the East Coast, from eastern North Carolina to Massachusetts, report a heat index value of more than 105. Some of the highest values ​​(more than 110) are near the Chesapeake Bay and around the river and inlet.

National Weather Service predicts that 123 record high minimum temperatures will be tied or broken in around 20 countries this weekend.

Sunday will bring another day of record highs challenged in southern New England and the middle Atlantic.

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A number of programs previously scheduled for the weekend have been canceled or delayed due to heat.

Thursday night, the Verathon 2019 New York City Triathlon 2019 was canceled due to severe heat warnings and lightning watches in the New York City metro area. There will be no alternative race weekends. Previously scheduled races take place on Sunday.


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Saturday's horse race at Saratoga Race Course in New York was also postponed.

"This is a responsible and thoughtful decision that is in line with our New York Race Heat Management Protocol designed to ensure a safe race for all participants," said New York Commissioner of Equine State Gaming Medical Director Dr. Scott E. Palmer in a statement.

Residents in overheated areas are advised to stay indoors if possible and stay hydrated, because many areas that are under RealFeel® AccuWeather Temperature are categorized as "dangerous heat." This high temperature can cause danger of dehydration, heat stroke, heat exhaustion and heat cramps if someone is out for a long time.

Remember, during hot weather, never leave children and pets unattended under any circumstances. The interior of the car can reach deadly temperatures very quickly; it only takes two minutes for the car to reach an unsafe temperature. There are already 21 children who died because they were left in the car for a long time.

On Thursday, the National Weather Service Office in Omaha, Nebraska, demonstrates how hot cars can enter in the summer make biscuits on the front dash. After a total of eight hours, the staff had their snacks. But it takes far less time for the interior to reach the heat that actually grills.

"It's a good time to remind everyone that your car is really hot. Look before you lock! On average, 38 children die in hot cars every year. Don't be a statistic!" service posted with a photo of the thermometer that reads 175 degrees F for the surface of the pan after staying in the car for one hour. It took 45 minutes for the dough to rise.

"Assistance from oppressive heat waves will gradually sweep the central US and into the Northeast to the beginning of the week but will come at the expense of severe storms and heavy rain," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski.

Download the AccuWeather app for free to stay alert to temperature trends in your community. Keep checking back for updates at and staying connected with the AccuWeather Network at DirecTV, Frontier and Verizon Fios.

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