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Does Meghan Markle have twins? This is why speculation is heating up

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By Lindsay Lowe

Are there two royal babies on the road? Rumors circulated that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, could expect twins.

Rumors have flown that the duchess is expecting twins.Samir Hussein / WireImage

It all began when an Irish betting company, Paddy Power, announced that they would no longer bet on the chances of former Meghan Markle and Prince Harry having two children the following spring.

Paddy Power said there was a sudden and unusual surge in royal couples with twins. This can mean that someone who is betting may have insider knowledge about duchess pregnancy.

Will the royal couple double their parents?Chris Jackson / Getty Images

"The unprecedented number of bets on Meghan and Harry for having twins has forced us to stop betting on the market at all," spokesman Paddy Power told TODAY in a statement. "Since that day began, the flow of bets has made us believe that maybe passengers – or sources of insiders – know something more than we do."

The chances of the twins have reached as high as 5-1 just before the bet was stopped on November 23.

Of course, this is only speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. But it's nice to imagine not one, but two babies joining the royal family. For one thing, that means that Prince Harry and his brother will have five children among them, making several more vivid family portraits!

How many royal families will grow next spring?Getty Images

And no doubt there will be many funny photos of Prince Harry and nobles outside and around as a young family of four.

Parents who were happy to walk during their last trip to New Zealand.Getty Images

If they have twins, it will be a historic moment for the royal family. Twins had never happened in the British royal family since the 15th century, when Joan Beaufort, queen of Scotland, gave birth to twin sons, James and Alexander, in 1430. Alexander died shortly after he was born, while James later became king.

Bets may have ended up in the possibility of the royal twins, but Paddy Power has several other bets still running about royal babies, including bets on possible names. Diana leads for women, with 8-1 chances, while Arthur leads the boys' name package with odds 12-1. Of course, if they really have twins, maybe both names can win!

People also bet on gender, time of birth, day and month when the baby is born, and even the hair color of the child. Black leads for that one, followed by chocolate, then red.

The duchess carried a lump of her baby during her recent visit to Fiji.Getty Images

Gamblers also make some lively bets at length, including betting on who will get married first: Prince Louis, or royal baby on the road. As now, the possibility is evenly divided for that one.

There's even a bet who's going to be bald first. (Prince Louis is also in front of that one, for what it is worth.)

Of course, until the dukes and duchess themselves reveal details about the royal baby (or baby?) These are all rumors.

But one thing is certain: royal baby fever is in our hands!

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