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Corvette C8 Convertible Seen At The Factory [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Byron, the video writer, has contacted to clarify a number of things. Upon closer inspection, he came to the conclusion that the car was actually a coupe. Apart from that, it was not completely destroyed because the vehicle was rather demolished.

We have seen first on the Chevy Corvette Convertible 2020 back in October. It was a sublime feeling, because this was the first hardtop Corvette that could be pulled, and at Vette with a middle engined at the time. This is far different from the Corvette C8 which cannot be converted in terms of aesthetics but in the end, it is the same sports car – only with the ability to pull its roof in 16 seconds as long as you run up to 30 miles per hour.

However, this video was uploaded by Drive 615 on Youtube shows a different version of Corvette topless.

Uploaders have seen a damaged Corvette Convertible 2020 behind the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. However, that was not the uploader's initial mission, because he originally wanted to see the C8 Corvette in Accelerate Yellow. Instead, a total prototype of the C8 Convertible appeared.

It is difficult to decipher what actually happened to the defective prototype. But based on the video, you can see that the airbags have been deployed, plus one of the wheels is missing. With that, we can say that the prototype without a roof had an accident while doing further tests.

There are several things we know about Corvette Topless. Chevy considered using a fabric roof for it but the company canceled the idea because "C7 conversion is not cool." In addition, the Convertible Corvette only weighs 80 pounds more than the coupe version, which is quite neglected.

Corvette Convertible production is scheduled to begin later this year, with the right version scheduled to be available at a later date. Chevrolet said that the retractable version of the roof would only be $ 7,500 more than the coupe version, which should have been around $ 67,000.

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