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The past few months have seen a flurry of activity with official reports and announcements from a number of Star Trek shows in development for CBS All Access. The new interviews put all this in several perspectives, showing how CBS played a long game with Trek.

Star Trek Mine wisely

Speaking to The Wrap, CBS All Access's Executive Vice President, Julie McNamara's Original Content shows that they don't plan to rush out of the Track at once, saying:

"There's no luck just pushing out to the market tons of Star Trek content. That's not our intention. We want to mine wisely and effectively."

Commenting on comments made by Alex Kurtzman, the producer in charge of expanding Star Trek on TV for CBS, McNamara talked about the purpose of offering variety in Star Trek shows, and in describing them:

"In an ideal world, Star Trek Trek fans will be attracted to the great Star Trek shows that can be a variety of talents and subjects. They must [feel] right, and the time must feel right. "

Schedule future Tracks

So far the only show in development that has been dated is the Picard series which features the return of Sir Patrick Stewart, targeted later this year, although Alex Kurtzman has admitted it could end early next year. The Wrap article offers several instructions for other planned events, recording the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks "Will not air immediately" because "animation alone will take one year."

As for the Part 31 series starring Michelle Yeoh announced earlier this week, the Wrap article noted how it was only "under development" at this stage and during the premiere, Invention maybe it's over. As noted in our interview with Kurtzman posted earlier today, Yeoh is expected to return Invention for the third season. Today a report in Variety describes the third season update from Invention – which hasn't been officially announced – as "fait acompli" with Alex Kurtzman expected to return as a showrunner, told Variety, "I feel indebted to the players and crew of this event – I don't feel like I can leave him"

Bringing all this together, it seems reasonable to suppose that the Part 31 show will premiere after the Picard show and the third season Invention, with 2021 as a guess.

Long term prospects Invention not clear. Alex Kurtzman recently said he could see the show running for several years, but the seven seasons running, such as the Star Trek in the 90s, are now more of an exception than the norm for top TV dramas.

How long Invention and Picard's event might run unknown, McNamara took a long view, seeing the development board being worked on by Kurtzman as giving his choice when it came to future programming, told The Wrap:

"Some of them can be considered as substitutes that conflict with additions. Performances & # 39; Tracks & # 39; this requires a lot of incubation, because it is very preparation, the visual effects are heavy … we see it more because we get a good leap to ensure that there is a stream & # 39; track & # 39; material. "

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