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UFO sightings: NASA's Curiosity rover discovered "alien base" on Mars | Weird | News

Curiosity is a car-sized explorer built to explore Gale's crater on Mars as part of NASA's ongoing mission to explore the Red Planet. Since Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012, the explorer had traveled nearly 13 miles on Mars and revealed water evidence on Earth's closest neighbor. But the famous alien life conspiracy theorists believe Curiosity has now revealed evidence of something even more remarkable – UFO alien spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

Speaking on his blog, Scott Waring said: "Do you see this structure in the upper right corner – which looks like an inverted pie pan?

"On the one hand it seems completely transparent, so maybe it has a window that you can see?

"This building is amazing. You can see it has a metal structure on the outside.

"For me it looks like a flying disc that might land or fall on Mars.

"And maybe the aliens are using the craft as a kind of base."

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The image is believed to have been uploaded automatically by the NASA Curiosity Mars rover blog.

The timestamp of the picture shows taken at Sol 2432, on Monday, June 10, 2019 in the left hand of NASA's Navcam rover.

Waring continued to use advanced photo editing software to manipulate strange UFO-shaped objects.

He added: "It's strange that NASA Mars explorers ignored UFOs when they passed so close.

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"NASA should not report real alien news or the discovery of alien artifacts.

"NASA should calm the public by giving them a little known scientific information about Mars.

"But I'm here to tell you that there are alien artifacts and interesting structures on Mars, and this is one of them.

"It's amazing that metal structures could exist on Mars and NASA Curiosity just slid right there.

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"And NASA certainly hopes no one will pay attention to them."

NASA photos intended to show alien UFOs on Mars immediately attracted a number of comments on YouTube.

YouTube user Loki joked: "Hi Scott, that must be the weirdest plow ever made!"

Thomas J M Mundt added: "Nice find. It seems like a building to me.

"Could it be that it was some kind of building on the left, it seemed like light came from that part. Interesting photo. "

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