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This is the new GT e-tron GT 590bhp concept

Other motorcycle shows, other Audi e-trons. They have been rummaging through them recently – not just e-tron SUVs and e-tron Sportback, but PB18 and Aicon e-tron supercars that drive themselves. The message from Audi is very clear – this is very difficult to do in electricity and goes there before competitors. Yes, except Tesla. Filling automotive airwaves with products means BMW and Mercedes must work hard to make themselves heard.

Chat will not subside in the near future. Between now and 2025 Audi will add 12 all-electric cars, giving them a different presence in various shapes and sizes. Last year Audi sold more than 1.8 million cars. Within seven years, it estimated that one third, around 600,000, would become electricity. If that is the case we face for major change.

What we haven't seen is an affordable price. E-tron GT doesn't change anything. This is the current concept, but will arrive in the form of production by the end of 2020, joining the e-tron SUV (sold early next year) and the e-tron Sportback crossover (coming late next year).

Already "developed in close collaboration with Porsche", Audi said. We will go further. This is basically Taycan, a car that was once known as Mission E. Size, ethos, and power are very similar. Visually they are not far apart. Expect a Porsche to be a little faster / lower / sportier.

The E-tron GT uses a "more than" 90kWh battery pack that fills the space between axles. There are front and rear motors to provide quattro traction and vectoring torque. The system's total output is 590bhp, good for 62mph in 3.5secs and 124mph in 12secs (Porsche quotes the same number, but puts & # 39 below in front of them). Maximum 149 mph, the WLTP range is 250 miles, and 800 volt charging means you can charge up to 80 percent in 20 minutes.

So far, very familiar. And predictable. Now for things that are less well known. Healing brake energy will be a big problem. Up to 0.3 g You will not use ceramic disc brakes at all, only reverse the polarity of the electric motor. It has to keep 90 percent of all your braking needs and you will be able to pull the paddle to vary the deceleration – just like braking the engine in decreasing teeth. That's nothing new: Hyundai has it at EV Kona. There is a 450 liter boot and a 100 liter under-area surprise & # 39; Everyone's been up to lately.

Inside, Audi claims the vegan interior. The skin is synthetic, there is a headlining microfibre and the carpet is made from recycled fish nets. Presumably they removed the dolphins from them first.

The electric skateboard platform gives endow e-tron GT with the same low center of gravity as the R8. It's safe to say it's not enough as a direction for sports. But don't worry, Audi will definitely have an electric R8 before 2025.

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