Saturday , October 23 2021

The suspect's haircut is compared to Aldi's bar code when people leak it


A hunt is underway for a suspect who has been mocked mercilessly online because of the edges.

James Flynn, 28, was sought for harassment and making threats but his crime was not what made him attract attention.

Some people compare their haircuts to look like Aldi's bar codes while others say they see better hair on pork chops.

James Flynn was sought for harassment and making threats (Image: West Midlands Police)
Someone has a theory about his haircut …

The image was released by the West Midlands Police and has received a lot of attention.

One response under the social media post said: "You need to catch a barber for crime against hairmanity."

Dean Philp said: "Everything that's missing is a number under his hair and he looks like a bloody barcode."

Lee Mills has a similar thought: ‘Hair like an Aldi barcode. '

As Kieran Gladwish did commenting: indai Scan this image and just billed 5p for the bag. '

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

Natasha Murphy entered game mode and attracted 3.8k interest when she wrote: ‘There are many colorful comments in this thread. This person can be on the edge of society.

"He needs to know that a good time is combing and going away and in the end he just needs to brush himself and show him well that he can straighten his life. Whether or not it disappears into thin hair.

And Andy Scotton-Peters says this: "Look at better hair when scratching pigs."

If you know where Flynn contacted the police at 101.

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