The Irish club apologized after reporting the death of a fake player


An amateur amateur soccer club has apologized after reporting the death of one of its players.

The Dublin club Ballybrack FC has told the Leinster Senior League team that Fernando Nuno La-Fuente died in a traffic accident.

Their match against Arklow Town on Saturday was postponed while a minute's silence was held before the other match.

However, it appears that La-Fuente is still alive in his home country Spain and the league has launched an investigation.

The league placed a death notice in an Irish newspaper, offering "sincere condolences" to his family and Ballybrack FC, before being told that La-Fuente had not yet died.

"This has come to the attention of the club, senior players and the management team that a bad misjudgment has taken place that came from correspondence sent from members of the senior deposit management team to Leinster Senior League," Ballybrack said on Tuesday night.

"An emergency meeting is held and the person concerned has been freed from all football assignments, in Ballybrack FC, the senior team and the role of the club itself.

"The club has contacted Fernando to confirm his existence, is kind and grateful for his acceptance of our apologies regarding this matter.

"This big and unacceptable mistake is completely out of character and made by someone who has experienced severe personal difficulties without being known by other club members.

"At this stage we can only offer our sincere apologies to the Leinster Senior League, our opponents Arklow Town FC and a number of clubs and football people who have contact with us or offer messages of support in the past few days."

League chairman David Moran told RTE that the club secretary resigned earlier on Tuesday.

"The young man did not die in a motorcycle accident last Thursday. He returned to Spain four or five weeks ago, apparently," he added.

"The Leinster Senior League rings yesterday (Monday) morning. We want to show our sympathy and go to Mass and maybe meet family and see what we can do to help in this terrible situation.

"And we were told that he was flown back to Spain on Saturday. Directly, it rang an alarm bell for us. How would you die earlier on Friday morning and be flown back to Spain on Saturday?

"We checked the hospital, we checked everywhere. Nobody could find anything about this young man. Obviously, some of his teammates released news on social media saying he returned to Spain four weeks ago."

Leinster's Senior League has previously released a statement outlining its plans for investigation.

"Leinster's Senior League will work with all relevant agencies in the investigation of this issue and the league will also deal with this issue through their own internal disciplinary procedures," he said.

Premier League colleague Liffey Wanderers observed a minute's silence for La Fuente


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