The impressive Skyrim multiplayer mod is approaching release •


The impressive Skyrim multiplayer mod immediately enters a closed beta, with beta open to follow.

The Skyrim Together mod which is eye-catching is more than just someone's pipedream – mod mod that currently allows up to eight players to play together in the very popular Bethesda fantasy game.

Mod is the work of a group of talented software engineers who have spent time playing with Skyrim to make multiplayer work. Closed Beta is for those who support the project on Patreon. Open Beta was launched soon after the beta was closed, which according to modder will not last long in posting announcements on Skyrim Together subreddit.

In the video, below, a group of four players explores Bruma, an area added to Skyrim as part of the popular Beyond Skyrim mod (Skyrim Together works with other mod Creation Kits). The mod seems to run smoothly and remains stable throughout. The user interface displays your cooperative friend's health bar in the upper left corner of the screen. At one point, the group met an NPC who called for help when he was attacked. You can cure friends with recovery spells, for example, and see when they level up.

But there are some main limitations. Dragon events don't work (well, they work to the point where the dragon lands). And certain searches, such as those clearly intended only for one player, may also not work properly, the developer said in a post on reddit. Modder will not change the search to make it more friendly, but each player must be able to talk and interact with objects and NPCs in the normal way.

Skyrim fans, as you would expect, quickly compare the Skyrim Together mod with the recently released The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 – a multiplayer Fallout game that experienced a horrendous launch. Interestingly, Skyrim Together included its own launcher because Bethesda objected to releasing the mod via Steam Workshop, but (Bethesda was happy with the mod instead, according to the team).

So, if you give up on Fallout 76 but still have confidence in the multiplayer in the Bethesda game, maybe it's good to try Skyrim Together.


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