The ‘boom’ mystery sounded in Bath this early morning


Reports of a “big bang” in Bath had been circulating as early as this morning.

No one seems to know what the noise was, which apparently happened around 12.22am (Sunday 6 December).

One person on Twitter said: “Anyone in Bath UK heard of it? MASSIVE boom ???”

Someone replied: “Yes, what is it?”

When asked what the sound was, the witness replied: “A very loud loud explosion. Feeling as well as hearing it. Echoing. There is nothing like fireworks or shooting behind a car.”

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This came after nightmare neighbors in Keynsham, near Bath, were barred from entering their home following complaints of excessive noise – click here to read more.

It is unbelievable that the loud explosions this morning are connected.

Avon and Somerset Police were contacted for comment but they said that “no significant incidents” had been reported in Bath overnight.

Avon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service have also been contacted with the hope that they can explain any noise that may have occurred.

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