Protest London Bridge: Angry black taxi driver creates the second night of traffic chaos


Black taxi drivers have created traffic chaos for the second day in a row after they formed a blockade on the London Bridge.

Angry drivers blocked river crossings in both directions during rush hour on Tuesday.

This was part of a strong protest against the Transportation for London (TfL) scheme which would prohibit them from using the bus lane on the nearby small part of Tooley Street.

Because roads were hit by more traffic backlogs on Tuesday night, TfL condemned the action as "unnecessary".

The black cabin blocked the London Bridge for the second night in a row on Tuesday (Tom Snelling/ Twitter)

Nicknamed the "licensed taxi protest", the drivers promised to protest every day until Friday between 4pm and 7pm. They held their first protest on Monday night.

Posters for the protest stated that the drivers had been "discriminated against" and that they had suffered "injustice".

A driver said that the proposed changes to Tooley Street could have implications for people trying to reach London Bridge Hospital, which is on the road.

But the London Cycling Campaign group accused taxi drivers of trying to "derail" "the creation of a safer and healthier Road Tool".

Ben Plowden, director of strategy and TfL network development, said in a statement: "Consultations are underway on changes in Tooley Street to improve conditions for people who walk and bike, or travel by public transportation.

"The best way for people to tell us what they think about this proposal is to respond to the consultation, so this type of protest is not needed.

"All feedback on our proposal will be fully assessed and taken into account."

Consultation for the Jalan Tooley scheme runs until January 9, with TfL insisting that no decisions will be made until all responses are considered.


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