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Home Bargains buyers are confused by the price of the giant 4.5kg Toblerone


If you shop for Christmas, chances are you will consider Home Bargains as a competitor for at least some of your gifts.

Discount retailers are known for their wallet-friendly offers, and are often one of the first port of call for smart shoppers.

Then, it might surprise you to hear that Home Bargains has been criticized for the price of one of the most popular Christmas gifts.

Posting on Twitter, retailers revealed that currently selling the giant bar Toblerone, which weighs 4.5kg. That's a lot of chocolate.

If you want to buy one of these bad boys, it will make you refund £ 49 – even though Home Bargains says the RRP is £ 73.99 – a clear savings of £ 24.99.

Buyers are not happy with the price, and have been taken to social media to slam retailers.

"I'd rather buy a few small ones. Maybe it's cheaper like that and easier to enter the mouth," said one.

Another person added: "£ 50 for a bar of chocolate does the price include a chainsaw? Because you will need it to try to break it."

"Who in their right mind would want to buy chocolate for £ 49?" asked the third one.

But another dissatisfied shopper said: "I'd rather get my weekly shopping than spend 50 pounds on this."

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But is it really worth the cost? We have calculated a number of numbers so you don't have to do it, and the answer is 'no'.

To have the same amount of chocolate as the 4.5kg Home Bargains bar, you have to buy 12.5 of them, which, when each is priced at 3.50 pounds, succeed at a cost of £ 43.75.

Asda currently sells 360g Toblerone bars for £ 3.50 each.

However, because you can't buy half a bar, you have to buy 13 – bringing the total to £ 45.50.

It's not much cheaper when you see it that way, and, if you ask me, a giant bar looks a lot more impressive, and it's good if you pay more if you buy it as a Christmas present.

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