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Google Saves Your Online Shopping History. This is how to delete it.

Google has a page, stored deep in your settings, where all receipts from online shopping are sorted and stored. Sushi ordered at Seamless? Not only a receipt there, but a list of rolls and edamame California. It doesn't stop at Seamless too; that includes other things you might have bought online too (where receipts are sent to your Gmail): Amazon, recipes, movies, items you pay to use Square. And there are orders made using Google services, such as the Google Play Store, Google Express, or through the Google Assistant.

Next is the link to the page (you must sign in):

On the one hand, that makes sense. You get an email receipt for online or in-app purchases, and it's easy for Google to extract data from it.

But it's rather strange to see some details of the receipt there. Like my request not to put bean sprouts in any dish when I ordered Thai once.

There is currently no way to delete your bulk history on Google, even though you can delete transactions one by one. And you can prevent future purchases from being sorted into this page in your settings: Divert "Don't use personal results" at

CNBC, which reports this feature today, shows that there is no clear way to change this setting on the Purchase page itself, and it is difficult to find it at first.

When users are very concerned about their privacy, there is general distrust about how technology giants like Facebook, Google, or Amazon handle our personal information. After a lot of chaos, violations, and leaks, it will be difficult to see their promise to "take your privacy seriously" as more than small talk.

Knowing that Google has sorted and saved our shopping habits – and we don't even know it! – It's a bit strange, and it makes sense to be skeptical about why this safeguards this information.

In a statement sent via email, Google said: "To help you easily see and track your purchases, orders and subscriptions in one place, we have created a personal goal that can only be seen by you. You can delete this information at any time. We do not use any information from your Gmail message to display ads to you, and that includes the receipt and email confirmation displayed on the Purchase page. We always work to help people understand and manage their data. "

However, given that the Purchase page is very hidden in the settings menu, it seems that it isn't something that Google made to solve problems that often occur to users.

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