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Fallout 76 is launched next week, on Wednesday November 14th.

Gamers who have booked before Fallout 76 have the opportunity to test beta, then offer feedback to developers.

The final beta session takes place on November 8, and remains available to all players on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The three-hour beta will be aired at 2pm EMT in the US – 8pm GMT in the UK.

Fallout 76 beta has revealed a lot of bugs and annoyances and the Bethesda developer has discussed some planned improvements based on feedback from testing.

Bethesda has revealed the main issues raised during a series of stress tests.

In-game chat has been a source of contention, with many commentators complaining about the lack of push-to-talk options.

Complaints appear to have been taken on board and the push to talk option is reported to be finally implemented.

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Bethesda has also expressed its intention to support the ultra-wide 21: 9 screen at several post-launch points.

Bethesda plans to increase the size of character deposits, saying: "Although the size of Stash at the 400-weight limit can be more easily handled over time, we plan to increase it in the future."

Some players complain that hunger blades are buggy and will never fill, and Bethesda says this has been fixed.

And other random shots and random sounds near Appalachia will soon be overcome after launch.

Other feedback has been resolved, with some social menus and friend features now being introduced.

The developer will not, however, introduce a field-of-view slider, because those concerns will affect animation and cause clipping.

The company has gone to great lengths to be clear seeing Fallout 76 as an ongoing project.

In an open letter published before the beta launch, it shows that this is only the beginning and that it will require continued support from players to find the remaining disturbances and improve the game.

Bethesda wrote in a statement to Eurogamer: "Many claims in this thread are inaccurate or are based on false assumptions.

"However, the community has been called to pay attention to some of the problems that our team has been actively tracking and planning to launch improvements for"

"Our goal is to always provide a great experience for all our players.

"Cheat or hacking will not be tolerated. We know our fan base is very interested in changing and adjusting their experience in our world and that is something we want to support on the road. "


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