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Evanna Lynch Says Jude Law Is & # 39; Dumbledore We Have Been Waiting & # 39; in & # 39; Fantastic Beasts & # 39; (Exclusive)

During the time Dance with the stars, Harry Potter Evanna Lynch star has often channeled her love for the world of magic for a number of routines – she is not at all ashamed to be dyed in fangirl wool.

So when he recently got the opportunity to hang out with the cast Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald's Evil, and witnessing the peak of the long-awaited sequel, the 27-year-old Irish actress was truly happy.

Katie Krause from ET talked to Lynch, so did he DWTS pro partner, Keo Motsepe, after Monday's Country Night, and he has nothing but love and praise that shines for the upcoming fantasy adventure.

"I'm obsessed with it!" exclaimed Lynch, who played eccentric witch, Luna Lovegood, on Harry Potter franchise. "That only makes the magic world so much bigger and far more detailed. The real magic in this film, it's just beyond what I've seen in other films."

Lynch also praised Fantastic Animals sequel because that way unites the small universe itself and the vast universe from the original Harry Potter franchising becomes a cohesive shared existence. "[It’s really] connecting more than two worlds, "he said.

Lynch took to Instagram on Friday to share a snapshot of him hanging out with Fantastic Animals stars, including Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, and Eddie Redmayne.

"There is nothing more satisfying for Potter fans than seeing great actors take on this role and treat their character with full respect and sensitivity," Lynch wrote in his statement.

In the epic of impending fantasy, Law plays a younger version of Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore – a role originating from the screen by Richard Harris, who plays as a famous witch in two Harry Potter films before his death in 2002. Famous actress, Michael Gambon, took a coat for the remaining six films in the series.

According to Lynch, Law is an "extraordinary choice" to realize the spirit of iconic character at the starting point in his life.

"He really understands [the character’s] inner [thoughts] and his wisdom and sincerity, like how Dumbledore was a conflict and imperfect man, "actress and servant Potter fan explained to ET. "He is Dumbledore whom we have been waiting for. Really."

For Lynch, the best part about Dumbledore as character is how he is respected and celebrated, but also disabled.

"That's a beloved character, you know? I think people write words like," Oh, he's the type of Gandalf. He knows all the wise and there's nothing wrong. "But no, actually. "You are disturbed, and you see more than that in this film," Lynch said, adding, "Jude Law is an ace."

Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald Crime Apparate to theaters November 16.

Meanwhile, Lynch and Motsepe still survive there this season Dance with the stars. On Monday, the couple performs extraordinary rumba for the Country Night, set for the "Every Little Thing" live show by country singer Carly Pearce.

The beautiful and joyful appearance of grace and beauty produced this pair their first perfect score of the season, 30 of 30.

Despite this (as well as almost perfect 29 out of 30 for their routines the previous week), the pair still found themselves in a chopping block at the end of the night, facing the first double elimination of the season.

Finally, Lynch and Motsepe were declared safe – while John Schnieder and pro Emma Slater got the ax, along with DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay Arnold.

Now, the couple is heading to DWTS the semi-finals, which was the first for Motsepe after seven seasons as a pro player (not including the season of all athletes earlier this year, which at four weeks total did not count as standard).

"I am very happy and very proud and he works very hard," Lynch said, standing beside his friends and dance partners. "You gave everything for this event and to guide me, so he was very decent."

Lynch and Keo will be faced with another pair left when Dance with the stars the semi-finals begin Monday at 8pm. ET / PT on ABC.

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