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England reached the last 16 of the World Cup with victory over Argentina Soccer

Jodie Taylor ran a few memories with critics deflecting goals as England guaranteed themselves a place in the knockout round on the night of Normandy which was clear when Argentina once again confused the experts who were supposed to.

Carlos Borrello's side has been described as truly hopeless and has the potential to be the worst side of the tournament, but, although partly due to a waste of cruel time and cynical fouls, is fine to humiliate Phil Neville before Taylor's sharp intervention.

Rotation is one thing but the goalkeeper who changes each other drops the team sheet something else altogether. Great rotators from the ranks of coaching almost always resist the temptation to keep exchanging their last lines of defense but Phil Neville is clearly not bound by managerial conventions and likes to keep the guards at their feet.

Because Karen Bardsley was replaced by Carly Telford on goal in one of four British changes – the others saw Jodie Taylor, Jade Moore and Abbie McManus enter the starting XI. – against the country they last met in 2007 in Chengdu, China when the Lionesses won 6-1

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Argentina have traditionally conceded a lot of goals every time they face European opposition but their first match in France in 2019 made Carlos Borrello's side hold back the 2011 winners and 2015 runners-up, Japan with a surprising draw.

In securing their first World Cup points, it made many people, including Neville, sit and pay attention. Not that, in the first half at least, it made his team better.

Estefanía Banini is an Argentine star but No. 10 nicknamed "La Messi" is placed wide to the left of the strong five midfield here with some Borrello players assigned to the care specialist's job.

Lucy Bronze, a dynamic influence for Neville's side when overlapping from right-back, was chosen for a very abrasive treatment. Bronze was difficult, but even he cried until sent to hit his back following a grimace pushing a challenge from Ruth Bravo.

Jodie Taylor directs the only purpose of the game.

Jodie Taylor directs the only purpose of the game. Photo: Lynne Cameron for FA / REX / Shutterstock

Jill Scott, meanwhile, repeatedly stepped on his feet when the marker retreated towards him and almost 10 minutes passed before Argentina used extreme tactics that wasted time.

Scott reacted to his aggressor with an impulse unseen by the referee and the concern for Neville was that Borrello's players would provoke a retaliatory red card inside a bright blue stadium that, from the outside, resembled a giant rowing pool.

Sympathy for the resource-deprived Argentine forces and their struggle for attention in the midst of a culture of virility began to escalate at kick-off, but now it seems to be diminishing by the minute. And especially when Aldana Cometti was ordered because of the surprising tackles of rugby style at Bronze.

Among all the minor cynical abuses and uncontrollable stoppages there are some decent British cameos – Moore is strange here, some Fran Kirby are sharply rotating there – but in a city built by reinforced concrete poets, Auguste Perret Borrello's backline repeatedly opposing almost all attacking maneuvers thrown there. Terms & # 39; full defense & # 39; did not really apply one night when Borrello arguably redefined the concept of low block.

England needed to start moving the ball much faster but they finally won a penalty after Bravo beat Alex Greenwood in the area. Nikita Parris stepped forward but his side foot shot was welcome, selling well for the goalkeeper and sure enough Vanina Correa saved her. That said, Correa still has little work to do to divert the one-handed ball with full stretch. No wonder he was surrounded by his teammates who celebrated as if they had won the World Cup.

Vanina Correa dived far to the left to save Nikita Parris's penalty.

Vanina Correa dived far to the left to save Nikita Parris's penalty. Photo: Bernadett Szabó / Reuters

Lorena Benítez, the clever enforcer of Borrello's midfield, played a very influential role in disrupting the flow of England and, when the second half passed, Neville looked increasingly tense.

It did not help that the very good Correa appeared to have a magnetic effect on the ball and he seemed to operate behind a set of geometry specialists taking great pleasure in narrowing the angle of attack of their opponents.

Then, finally, Argentina was tired of defending and upfield. When that very rare attack broke out, the Lionesses pounced, took advantage of that moment and remembered that they were a very godly counterattack.

Breaking with speed Jill Scott and Kirby deceive Benitz and his partner and the superb first cross from Beth Mead catches Correa, for this time, the foot is wrong, allowing Taylor to use the extraordinary curtain by running in and turning the ball expertly into an empty net with abandoned guards. Euro 2017 gold shoes have not included international goals lately and Taylor's celebrations belong to a striker who is proven right.

He has left England on the path to Group D, something they can stamp against Japan in Nice on Wednesday.

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