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Couples solved the mystery of 'broken plug socket' which is more than it looks

Couples who cannot get electrical plugs in their homes to work finally find out the reason after more than two years.

Since moving into the house in July 2017, Darren Steels and colleagues have been confused about how the double sockets in the kitchen don't work.

The sockets are in a good location near the bottom of the stairs but never work because they have lived in Bolingey Way, Hucknall, reporting the title of our sister NottinghamshireLive

"We are trying to connect it," Darren said. "It's perfectly placed to suck the stairs, not the cord that runs across the kitchen floor."

The socket doesn't feel loose and when the couple has a decorator to fix the kitchen as soon as they move, nothing is marked.

"People just painted around him," Darren said.


But finally they decided to try to fix it and asked the electrician to see what he could do

"I'm just fed up with it," said Darren, 45.

"We asked the electrician to come to do some work and bobs and I asked him to take a look."

The electrician makes sure there is no power connected to the socket but when he tries to take a closer look, the mystery is finally solved.

"He appreciated that it was open, and it came from the wall," added Darren's restaurant manager.

And what was revealed was a secret safe.

Unfortunately, it is not filled with cash or valuables.

"There is only dust, fur and dead spiders in it," he said.

He posted the video online and people liked it, with more than 810,000 views so far.

"I have a non-functioning socket … really check it later !!" said one Twitter user.

"It's funny and looks like James Bond," Martyn said.

"I always wanted one of them as a child," Paul said.

"Don't keep anything too valuable there now," Craig warned. "People will know !! A brilliant idea. Alf & Audrey have one on Coronation Street."

"I remember seeing what was in the Argos catalog in the 90s," Gaz said. "Always wants it."

The secret safe must have a key inserted in one of the holes for the plug pin, but it is locked – and Darren says he doesn't know where the key is ..

But he intends to leave the socket safely like that, "only for posterity".

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