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BREXIT LATEST: Get the deal done? Irish border solution "AGREED" when May called the Cabinet News Politics

In a big climb, the European Commission announced today it would rewrite its rules to accommodate Britain. Senior EU officials have threatened the British class as a "third country" after the Brexit no-deal program which will see tourists stinging £ 52 to process entry permits. But Commission Deputy Chairman Frans Timmermans said the board of commissioners had agreed to change regulations – as long as Britain did the same for EU citizens.

Speaking at Strasbourg today, he said: "With a visa we propose to amend visa regulations to allow UK citizens to be exempt from visa requirements for a short stay in the European Union after EU law ceases to apply to Britain.

"But of course the important thing: this is entirely up to the British and doing the same for EU citizens, replying."

The EU concession came when Theresa May revealed the Brexit talks in the "end game" stage.

The clock continues to tick for the Prime Minister to secure a deal with Brussels heads in writing today to reach a self-determined deadline on November 25 for a summit of EU leaders.

This will allow lawmakers to have a vote on the Christmas agreement, so that the withdrawal agreement is rubber-stamped before the UK is scheduled to leave on March 29, 2019.

The pressure is on Madam May for agree the text of the agreement today amid demands from the head of the EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, that member countries are given enough time to review proposals.

But the Prime Minister faces a tough test at home because he must be sure that the agreement he agreed to will be accepted by Brexiteers and Remainers in Parliament.


4.20pm: Can call Cabinet members

Ministers were called to Downing Street to meet with the Prime Minister amid reports of a breakthrough in the Brexit talks.

According to reports, cabinet members were called one by one to speak with Theresa May.

Cabinet ministers were reportedly deeply divided over Mrs May's plans for Brexit but she would need their support before the terms she negotiated could be submitted to Parliament for voting.

Tom Newton Dunn, political editor for The Sun, said in a tweet: "Cabinet ministers are called to No10 to see one PM per night tonight ahead of the Cabinet's full meeting tomorrow to sign the Brexit divorce agreement."

4.15pm: 'Brexit Transactions Explained with the EU'

Theresa May has obtained a Brexit agreement with Brussels, according to reports.

James Rottweil, Brexit correspondent and European Daily Telegraph, said the terms had been agreed between the two parties.

Citing British sources, he said the text of the agreement was now "ready to go to the Cabinet".

He said in a tweet: "Downing Street has indicated that there will be an emergency cabinet meeting tomorrow morning to discuss it."

Harvey Gavin took over from Rebecca Perring on direct reporting.

Update 2.35pm: The legal and political position of Brexit will be arranged

David Lidington said the minister would put the Government's political and legal position on the proposed withdrawal agreement when the Brexit negotiations were completed.

The Cabinet Office minister said the position statement would be available to all MPs ahead of the meaningful vote on the agreement.

Mr Lidington told Commons: "I want to give a commitment to the opposition and the House of Representatives: we will make available to all members of the House, after the conclusion of negotiations and ahead of voting means, full-reasoned position statements out of the government's political and legal positions on proposed withdrawal agreements and that includes all protocols that might be attached to it.

"In addition, the Attorney General has allowed me to confirm to the DPR this afternoon that he is ready to assist further by making an oral statement to the DPR and to take questions from members of the DPR in the normal way."

2.28pm update: UK citizens must have visa-free access to the EU – commission

The European Commission says British citizens traveling to EU countries after Brexit do not have to get an entry visa even if the UK leaves without agreement.

Senior officials have discussed on Tuesday whether UK citizens should be treated as a "third country" as part of an un-agreed plan, which would require tourists to buy permits of 60 euros (£ 52) to cross the channel.

But EC vice president Frans Timmermans said the board of commissioners had agreed to change regulations – as long as Britain did the same for EU citizens after March next year.

He said at a Tuesday press conference in Strasbourg: "On a visa we propose to amend visa regulations to allow UK citizens to be exempt from visa requirements for short stays in the European Union after EU law ceases to apply to Britain.

"But of course the important thing: this is entirely up to the British and doing the same for EU citizens, replying."

1.01pm update: PLOT Required to impose a second referendum with new demands

Nine pro-EU Tory MPs are waging a new Brexit battle when they sign a cross-party amendment to the Finance Bill.

The amendment calls on the minister to reveal the impact of the Brexit agreement which is expected to be hit by EU and UK negotiators and the provisions of current EU UK membership.

The cabinet minister has so far only committed to publish an impact assessment that compares the Brexit plan with the scenario of no agreement.

12.48pm update: Government sources say Brexit is closer than yesterday & # 39;

Progress has been made in agreeing to the text for the UK divorce term with the European Union, with only a few "sticking points" remaining to complete the withdrawal agreement, government sources said.

The source said: "This is closer than yesterday."

12.41pm update: Theresa May has renewed her Cabinet at the Brexit negotiations

Mrs May said the Brexit negotiations were continuing in Brussels and good progress had been made. The prime minister's spokesman said his cabinet had regular updates on Brexit, including an agreement and no agreement.

He said there were a number of extraordinary problems remaining because Britain pushed for the best test.

12.34pm update: Germany warns against an irregular Brexit

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has warned against disorderly Brexit.

He said: "For Britain, that would be the worst choice.

"We do everything we can to reach an agreement. We think it's right and necessary."

12.09pm update: Tony Blair detonates Brexit as & # 39; it's useless & # 39;

The former Labor prime minister called for a second vote, saying: "Given the big disagreement over what Brexit really meant and what should be seen, it would be the most logical thing to ask people again if they wanted to continue."

He said the only option for Britain was between "no use" and "painful" Brexit, and that was not clear during the June 2016 referendum.

Update 11.05 am: Boris Johnson said Brexit will DOOM UK to & # 39; colonies & # 39;

The Brexiteer and former Foreign Minister tweeted: "Nobody was fooled by this theater. The delay after being staged successfully delayed. The agreement will be reached and that means surrender by the British. We will be condemned to remain in the customs union and under Brussels & # 39 control arrangements, people do not choose the status of the colony.

"We still have time to look for something better – the SuperCanada free trade agreement that will allow Britain to take advantage of Brexit and really respect the referendum. The future can be bright if we change now."

10.20am update: Juncker acknowledges EU leaders fear Brexit has no agreement

The European Union boss described Britain's decision to leave the block a "tragedy".

He said: "We will have an agreement with our English friends.

"I get the impression that we are moving slowly towards a definite agreement that must be resolved in the coming weeks.

"I am sure this will be finished because it must be done. No withdrawal of this type of agreement will be a disaster.

"The fact that Britain left the European Union is a tragedy. We don't need to add new tragic moments to the tragedy.

"We must not add that the departure drama is unorganized."

10.16am update: Brexiteer Kate Hoey will vote AGAINST the Brexit Agreement blames Leo who is' embarrassing & # 39;

The Labor MP said: "This is hypocrisy from Dublin which makes him believe that I and many other MPs will not support an agreement with the European Union that nags such behavior."

Update 9.32 morning: JReob-Mogg's acob leads the Brexit REBELLION to spark the May government DEFEAT

Leading Tory Brexiteer is pioneering the Brexit rebellion with dozens of Tory MPs who are ready to rebel against Theresa May unless he publishes complete legal advice on an agreement to leave the European Union.

Mr Rees-Mogg and his European Research Group (ERG) last night established their own amendments to the Labor Party, which called for a full legal verdict from Attorney General Geoffrey Cox.

The move, supported by more than 40 Tory MPs, could cause embarrassing defeat for the government of Ny. May.

Prime Minister Theresa May was under intense pressure after he refused to publish full legal advice behind his Brexit plan by Cox, and instead offered a summary to lawmakers.

The ERG amendment was submitted by its chairman, Mr. Rees-Mogg, his representative Mark Francois and Tory against Robert Courts.

Mr Francois told The Sun: We all appreciate the convention that the Attorney General's advice is usually not published.

"However, this is potentially very important so that it can affect the fate of this country. So to make informed decisions, it is very important that Parliament see the same legal advice as the Cabinet. "

The ERG said it believed more than 40 Tory MPs would support his rebellion, while Labor and 10 DUP lawmakers could join the hardline Brexiteers in forcing Mrs. May be a shameful climb.

Update 9.09 am: SOARS Pound after May announced & # 39; Endgame & # 39; Brexit

The pound rallied on positive Brexit news, rising to 1.48 euros at 09:00 GMT – up from € 1.40 seen yesterday.

9.01 morning update: Labor MP Kate Hoey claims Permanent supporters of Lord Adonis "more patriotic to the EU" than to England

The Vauxhall politician sparked a major dispute on the LBC panel after he claimed Permanent supporters, such as Lord Adonis, appeared to be "more patriotic to the European Union than their own country", which forced the host to intervene.

Ms Hoey said: "We convey motions, we mandate people about this problem and people choose to leave Andrew.

"Andrew's problem with some of the things you say is being listened to happily in the European Union, which actually now sees it in a way, well we don't really need to compromise too much because there are people in England who seem more patriotic EU rather than their own country. "

Update 8.50 am: Sadiq Khan has warned about security concerns amid Brexit without agreement

The mayor of London said Britain fell out of the European Union without leaving police and security services trying to tackle terrorism "with their hands tied behind their backs".

Mr Khan called for a separate agreement to attack security issues following warnings from police leaders coming out of the European Union would make it more difficult to protect Britain.

There are 40 tools that British law enforcement can lose access to spring, including the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and the Schengen Information System, an intelligence database that was accessed 539 million times by British authorities last year alone.

Khan said: "I am very concerned about the impact that hit the European Union without an agreement regarding the safety and security of our city.

"National policing experts have warned that losing access to the European Arrest Warrants and Europol, to mention just two examples, would make it more difficult to monitor terrorists and a network of serious organized crime.

"This would fundamentally mean asking the police and our security services to deal with terrorist threats with their arms tied behind their backs.

8.45am update: Brexit transactions in & # 39; touch distance & # 39;

Cabinet Minister David Lidington said after negotiators in Brussels were working late at night, there might still be an agreement within the next 48 hours.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Today program: "It is still possible but not all of them I think it pretty much sums it up.

"We haven't reached there enough. This will always be a very difficult negotiation, very complicated, but we are almost within touching distance now.

"But, as the PM said, it cannot be an agreement at any price. It must be one that works in terms of feelings we can give to the referendum results and that is why there is a measure of caution."

Update 8:21: May urge to leave the European Union with a Brexit no-deal

Half a dozen ministers including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Environment Minister Michael Gove will notify the prime minister that going without a deal would be better than a proposal at a table from Brussels, the Daily Telegraph reported.

They reportedly met for drinks in the office of International Trade Secretary Liam Fox on Monday night to discuss their concerns.

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