Brandon Truaxe, founder of Deciem and creator of The Ordinary, died at the age of 40


Brandon Truaxe, who first made headlines for launching 10 beauty brands at the same time and the most recently made because he was expelled from Deciem, the company he founded, had died. An executive at the company has confirmed the news in an email to Vox.

Acting CEO Nicola Kilner wrote in an e-mail to the Deciem staff, who had reviewed Vox:

I don't believe I typed these words. Brandon has died over the weekend. Broken heart does not approach how I am, and how I know many of you will feel.

All offices, warehouses, factories and stores hope to close today and take the time to cry sadly, smile at the beautiful moments we have, reflect on what his genius built and hug your loved ones who are a little more difficult.

We all don't believe and are shocked, but I will contact you soon.

I love you so much, just like him.

This is a tumultuous year for the company and its controversial founder Brandon Truaxe. Headquartered in Toronto, Deciem gained followers and made sales of up to $ 300 million reported after launching The Ordinary, a skin care brand whose products cost less than $ 10. He had made many company messages personally, calling them "Abnormal Beauty Companies . " He is a unique and charismatic founder who is personally connected with consumers.

As early as 2018, however, Truaxe began to get negative publicity for the company when he began posting strange and unsettling messages on the company's Instagram. Estée Lauder, a minority investor at the company, took legal action against Truaxe in October 2018 after he posted on Instagram that the company had to be closed immediately because of a "financial crime" which he said had been committed. (So ​​far there is no published evidence that this is the case.) A lawyer for a cosmetics company told the judge that Truaxe "basically burned down the company," according to a report by CBC. The judge overthrew Truaxe as CEO, and appointed Nicola Kilner as acting CEO (Kilner was previously co-CEO, then fired by Truaxe, but recently rehired at the company). A few days later, a judge issued a detention order against Truaxe after the founder sent an e-mail to the chairman of Estée Lauder, emeritus Leonard Lauder and other executives who were considered threatening. Vox contacted Estée Lauder to comment.

A December report by Financial Post Canada revealed that Truaxe had been hospitalized on suspicion of having mental health problems. Truaxe denied being diagnosed with mental illness, but admitted using various drugs.

Truaxe has posted videos and erratic messages on his personal Instagram page for the past few weeks. His last four posts, from January 19, were videos alone from his penthouse in Toronto, whose address he published. Commentators expressed concern about the drink he stated, because he claimed to drink tequila. One writes, "BE SAFE."

Truaxe is 40 years old.

We will update this growing story as more information becomes available.

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