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Branch model Kayleigh Wanless claims a court case has prevented her from finding a new home


The babestation model Kayleigh Wanless claims the messy court saga has made her unable to get a house.

The glamorous model can generate thousands of pounds by shooting for people like Playboy, but claims he "surfs the couch" with friends because no homeowner can trust him.

This follows a feud between Miss Wanless and her aunt ex-girlfriend Donnis Brown, who claimed the model did not pay a £ 3,100 loan despite persistent demand.

Kayleigh Wanless

A judge sided with Brown and ordered the 29-year-old to pay – which he now confirms.

However, he claimed online trolls branded him a prostitute after the case and publicity caused his main headache.

Now, he places the side of his story in an effort to straighten out.

Miss Wanless said, "I can't get a house because of a newspaper article.

"I worked in London and then couched with friends when I returned to Newcastle because no one would rent me.

"People think that I will rip them off but I have never done anything like that and I have never even lent money to people before.

"I always have good credit, and if I will get a loan I will go to the lender, not someone's family.

"Now I'm struggling to find a house because they brought CCJ (Court of Justice) which was only a nightmare."

Ms. Wanless told the court that her debt was between Donnis and her niece, guard Andrew Flavell, for the money borrowed to rent a flat in Tenerife.

However, District Judge Michelle Temple decided that Miss Wanless was responsible for the money that had been transferred to her account.

Now, a former Prudhoe Community High School student – who told the September trial the cash "had nothing to do with him" – believes he was chosen because of his job.

The Northumberland-born model has posed for the Daily Sport and co-hosted the 2019 UK Glamor Awards. He also burdens fans of $ 20 a month to view explicit content on adult websites.

He added: "That is because of the work I do, and I have been called a prostitute and a companion, which is not true.

"[Models] put in bad light quite often because because it is classified as a sex worker, there is a stigma that accompanies it.

"But the girls supported each other and we were good. I used to work in a bar, and that was a far worse industry."

This case made headlines after Miss Wanless tweeted 'I need a lawyer' the day before the last trial.

He now claims that the tweet isn't even for this case, but as an aid to view legal documents – although he admits: "I'm not the best speller."

Instead, he claimed to use his uncle – who is in the police – for the trial despite backfire.

"He thinks because he is used to the criminal system, he will be able to represent me," he said.

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However, the judge refused to let him submit the evidence and reject the appeal – because of Miss Wanless's absence from the first trial for being abroad.

He claimed that he now paid cash – even though he felt he didn't have to pay a cent.

"I don't feel fair as it happens," he added.

"I just wish I knew a lawyer and that I knew a little more. I wish I did some research."

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