Bowel cancer: BBC presenter warns against ignoring the symptoms of cancer even though it looks & # 39; healthy & # 39;


Deborah James, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016, hosted the BBC Radio 5 Live podcast You, Me and the Big C. The 37-year-old man has posted a series of photos on Instagram taken just before his cancer diagnosis. In the photos he looked healthy and happy, at that time he did not know that he actually had stage four colon cancer. James posted a picture to warn others not to ignore the symptoms of cancer when you are not healthy, even if you look healthy.

He noted that although he looked good in photographs, it was taken only days and weeks before his diagnosis, he had experienced a number of symptoms.

One photo shows James looking glamorous and holding a glass of wine a week before he was diagnosed with colon cancer.

In another photo James was vacated to her husband Sebastien, the day before his diagnosis.

He wrote in the statement that he would suffer from stage four colon cancer, including a 6.5 cm tumor, when the photo was taken, but was totally unconscious.

"When I look back at old photos, I hope I know the symptoms. Urgent to get references," James said in an Instagram post.

"I mean that in all the pictures I look healthy but I defecate, get tired and have changes in bowel habits," he added in another post.

James co-host You, Me And The Big C with Lauren Mahon, who is in remission from breast cancer. Other host colleagues Rachael Bland died of breast cancer last September, at the age of 40.

Two days ago, James announced that his cancer was now stable, after responding poorly to new treatments during Christmas.

Presenters urge others not to overlook the symptoms of colon cancer – but what is it?

The three main symptoms of intestinal cancer are changes in continuous bowel habits, blood in the stool, and abdominal pain.

Changes in bowel habits including need to be more frequent, with more loose stools and sometimes with abdominal pain, according to the NHS.

Blood in the stool can be a sign of colon cancer if it comes without the symptoms of other stacks.

The symptoms of other stacks include the itchy lower part, lumps that hang outside the anus, mucus discharge after defecation, and aches, redness and swelling around the anus.

Abdominal pain associated with bowel cancer often comes with bloating and is always caused by eating.

Sometimes it can reduce the amount of food eaten and lose weight.

"If you have one or more of the symptoms of colon cancer, and they last for more than four weeks, you should see your doctor," advises the NHS.


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