Bearsden houses are still without gas supply after the flood water network


HOUSE in Bearsden without gas for the second night in a row after a flood gas network turned off supplies in the area on Friday.

On Saturday night, around 140 properties in East Dunbartonshire were still awaiting security confirmation that their gas supply could be used again.

The problems, which began on Friday morning, affected more than 300 homes throughout the region after more than 16,000 liters of water entered the system.

Engineers in the area worked all night on Fridays and Saturdays to fix problems but many were left without supplies.

As a result, the local school, Westerton Primary, was changed to a customer center for Scottish Gas Networks, providing hot plates and heaters for those who were still experiencing problems. This is prioritized for vulnerable groups, including the elderly and those who have children.

It is hoped that all water that floods the pipeline will be removed on Sunday.

In a statement late Saturday, Scottish Gas Networks said: "Our engineers have made tremendous progress this afternoon and there are now fewer than 140 houses in Bearsden that are still without gas.

"Tonight, our engineers will continue to work to eliminate the remaining water so that we can restore more gas supply. We have to clean the remaining water area in our network before we can re-ignite the gas for everyone."

It was also announced on Saturday night that those affected were receiving compensation. After the first 24 hours, residents will receive £ 30 for each subsequent 24 hour period without inventory.


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