ActionDash brings Digital Wellbeing to any Android phone


"Well spent time" has been a hot topic for the past few years, and it is one of the most anticipated features for Android Pie. Unfortunately, Google limits the Digital Wellbeing tool as its Pixel and Android One device. Now, Action Launcher developers have provided solutions that work on any Android phone with ActionDash.

The best gift for Android users

If you remember, a series of Google Digital Wellbeing tools make it easier for users to see how they use their cellphones, hopefully in an effort to reduce wasted time. For many people, this turned out to be a great way to monitor its use. While the tools go beyond that, adding options such as the application timer and gray scale mode, you can get the core package using ActionDash.

With free downloads supported by ads from the Play Store, ActionDash uses only one permission to collect statistics about how you use your mobile. With the central dashboard, you can get daily or weekly statistics about what applications you use, how much you unlock your device, and even the number of notifications you receive. Privacy is also a core part of the application, so no data you make here will be sent (with the exception of manual backup).

Want to know how much time you spend on Instagram? How many WhatsApp notifications did you get? Details about your device session time? ActionDash offers all these insights and more. ActionDash includes a series of powerful and powerful features, which aim to provide utilities for those who use digital health applications for the first time or those who use them as a complementary experience for Digital Wellbeing.

We will dig deeper into ActionDash next week with live video, but so far it seems like a fantastic way to keep an eye on your smartphone usage. To get rid of advertisements, support developers, and unlock additional features such as Dark Mode, a one-time purchase of $ 6.99 is available. To get started, check ActionDash on the Play Store.

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