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175 pounds Fallout 76 Edition Promised a Luxury Bag, Giving Nylon Trash instead

Edition of 175 pounds of Power Armor from Fallout 76 promising fans of many items, including what looks like a very good canvas bag. What they did not finally get, because between announcing the bundle and sending it, Bethesda made a few changes.

At the top is a military-style canvas bag as promised (and because it is still advertised online).

And this is what has been sent to fans:

Image: Imgur

Oh dear.

Cost and production problems occur all the time with the collector's edition, starting from the things that violate until the numbers do not change as expected on the components that disappear directly.

What caused the problem here – and many people were very unhappy about this – maybe two things. The first is that this game itself is not very good, which will add a lot of people's disappointment.

Second, Bethesda's response. Fans who complain about the transition get a response like this:

Image: @LanternCupcake

So Bethesda knew they changed bags, said nothing, offered nothing, released games, and now fans complain that they don't get what is advertised and what they pay for, get an email that literally says "we hope this isn't blocking you from enjoying what we feel is one of our best collector's editions ".

It was a fact that the Power Armor game edition was delayed, to the point where Bethesda had to send email codes to customers so they could play games while waiting for their giant box to arrive.

This game is a mess.

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