Voice of the Country ї – Tina Karol video duet with open clothes and Monatics in a suit on Voice


Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, judge the vocal project "Voice of Ukraine" on "1 +1" and Monatik singers sang their respective songs. Videos with star duets appear on the official Karol page on Instagram.

Karol impressed the audience with his beautiful clothes, which he chose for the first release of the show. The highlight of the artist's image is the deep neckline on the neck, which slightly opens the player's chest and causes strong excitement from the fans. Monatik wears a suit with star-shaped prints.

Video: Instagram.com

Previously, "Country" reported that Tina Karol lowered her black dress and covered her chest with her hands.

We also wrote about how Karol was photographed with an audience at a concert at Lviv Opera.

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