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The network shares the KIA Optima trial

The Korean budget business sedan, KIA Optima, called the direct competition for the prestigious "Japan" such as the Toyota Camry, Mazda 6.

On the YouTube channel "GorodKirovRU", the blogger shared his impressions, which he left on the KIA Optima 2018 car test drive, calling this the best budget Korean business class that managed to compete with cars such as the Toyota Camry and Mazda 6.

KIA Optima Sedan, which in its design features liftback elements, fun with spaciousness, comfort, the presence of a "fashionable" panoramic roof and a series of modern choices for "his", and that means democratic money compared to competitors.

For testing, a non-top version with a turbocharged engine is provided, but an option with 2.4-liter "aspirated" and "automatic" 6-speed. Everything is reliable, simple, "not smart," said blogger.

There are 4 modes available in the car: Eco, Comfort, Drive and Sport. In "Sport" the car accelerates to "hundreds" "in the passport" for 9 seconds.

The maneuverability of the car is not bad, but when cornering, the car is a little "collapsed", despite the feeling that the car will turn around no. Instead, this is a design feature.

Net distance of "150", which is enough to overcome urban barriers. Rough departures indicate that the suspension is working properly, the salon "does not beat."

Externally, the KIA Optima 2018 is attractive with changes to radiator radiators, optics (now fully LED), security systems (control "blind zone", front and rear cameras, parking sensors), and audio systems. Auto "puts" on the R18 alloy wheels, which also gives a neat appearance.

For 1.8 million rubles, the KIA Optima 2018 "a good machine, – said the blogger," "rushed" as it should. "However, it is not passed by" traditional diseases "of Korean cars – in them, however," noisy "

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