Monday , July 26 2021

The KSCA warns of ice and hail, but this is not right

Today, November 18, weather forecasters warn the Kiev people that in the second half of the day ice is expected to occur on the streets and hail. About that inform KSCA press service.

At the same time, Google's weather claims that rainfall is not expected and will be bright.

However, just in case, it's better to remember these tips:

Driving tips about ice

– Required to observe speed limits, distance and leave risky maneuvers, which in adverse weather conditions can lead to the emergence of an emergency situation;

– when approaching pedestrian crossings and children's institution locations, reduce speed to minimum;

– Don't forget to turn on the side lights or fog lights;

– in conditions of deteriorating weather conditions with intensive snowfall and ice-covered roads not using vehicles with summer tires.

Pedestrian Tips for Ice

– Walk slowly, slightly relax your feet and bend slightly on your knees, step on the entire palm;

– Don't keep your hands in your pocket – this increases the chances of not only falling, but also serious injuries, especially fractures and concussions. Swing your arms to the beat – it's easier to maintain balance

– in the case of imbalances when walking on ice, try to sit quickly – this is the most obvious opportunity to remain standing;

– if the fall is not avoided – strain your muscles, groups, and touch the ground, try to roll over (the punch aimed at you will reduce its strength);

– be careful and on the sidewalk – the car can carry or the driver cannot slow down time;

– When crossing the road in front of the car, please note that the distance stops on slippery roads increases 4-5 times;

– bypass metal hole cover – as a rule, they are covered with ice.


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