Submitted by the Apero Skydancer Motorhome Convertible – Autoreview


Perhaps the most unusual exhibition at CMT 2019 in Stuttgart is the motor Skydancer Apéro, which is said to have been the first series of this type of vehicle. However, five years ago, Pole Peter Kubinski had exhibited an ideologically similar car, but it was only a trial balloon. Now open toll roads are ready for production.

First prototype

Peter built his first car with a total mass of 7.5 tons above the chassis of a private Atego Mercedes-Benz truck. To realize an unusual effort – to travel in a car with an open roof, – must work hard. First of all – to move the controls to the "upper deck", combining the driver's seat with the platform for three more passengers, on top of which a removable roof can be arranged.

After the first demonstration, the writer left on a long journey through Europe, stopping at various camps and gathering opinions about the potential market for the car. And along the way he began designing European and American patents to drive motor homes. By the way, Peter registered his company Skydancer in Cologne: according to him, it was far easier to legalize German cars in Europe.

Today's Skydancer Apéro Motorhome is a design that has been upgraded to reflect the operating experience of the first prototype. It was built on a Fiat Ducato Maxi chassis with a 150-horsepower diesel engine and had a total weight of 3.5 tons (with a pavement weight of 3080 kg). The machine is seven meters long, and is 3.05 meters high.

Control is also placed on the upper deck with four seats: for better visibility, additional display windows are arranged on the front wall of the cabin. The sliding electric roof and long side windows provide excellent panoramic views. Swivel chairs and folding tables allow you to adjust seating in fresh air, and in addition, in good weather, a double bed 200 mm long and 125 mm wide can be expanded in a few minutes.

Another bed (200×140 mm in size) is located in the stern of the closed section. It is strange that it is necessary to climb a telescopic ladder: just below the bed there is a "garage" for scooters, bicycles and other equipment. This compartment is separated by a sliding partition from the economic zone, which includes a 145-liter fridge, two burner gas stove, toilet and folding sink with taps. There is a gas heater in the car, although the manufacturer recommends using motorhome-cabriolet only in summer.

So far, the Skydancer Apéro is in one copy: the sample of the exhibition is estimated at 128520 euros. However, the company claims that the car is certified in Europe, and offers to place an order. Along the way, Peter began searching for American dealers, offering to build other samples in accordance with US law. By the way, the prototype that can be converted based on the Mercedes Atego is also sold: for cars with a distance of 205 thousand kilometers, Peter Kubinsky asks for 59 thousand euros.


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