Singer Nastya Kamenskikh published positive photos with Potap and friends from Time and Glass in Manhattan


Nastya Kamenskih, a few days after his vacation in Mexico, went to the United States, where he began a promotional campaign for a new single. Many of his photos are Potap. Celebrities no longer hide the fact that they spend a lot of time together.

In one photo, he posed not only with Potap, but also with Alexey Zavgorodny from Time and Glass, his wife Anna. The company emits extraordinary positivity.


As reported by "Country", previously in the shadows in a photo by the sea, fans saw the interesting position of singer Nastya Kamenskikh.

We wrote that previously on vacation Nastya Kamenskikh again showed # popukakukim on vacation by the pool.

Also, Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih shows how she spent the last days of her vacation in the Caribbean.

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