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Russian attacks on the Azov Sea – Ukraine appealed to the Arbitration Court

Posted 29 November 2018

Ukraine appealed to the United Nations Tribunal because of a Russian attack on the Azov Sea


On November 27, 2018, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent information about acts of Russian aggression in the Kerch Strait to the Arbitration Court, which was considering a dispute between Ukraine and the Russian Federation regarding violations of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea on the Black Sea. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In particular, the ministry drew attention to the long-term prosecution of Ukrainian and foreign vessels planning to pass the Kerch Strait to the ports of Mariupol, Berdyansk and other Ukrainian ports.

"With their actions, Russia effectively closed the Kerch Strait for all ships. Ukraine and other Black Sea coastal countries, including the European Union and Turkey, strongly condemned such actions and called on the Russian Federation to ensure freedom of travel through the Kerch Strait," said Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The office also stressed that the stop object was only a ship sent to the Ukrainian port. At the same time, ships that moved to Russian ports in the Azov Sea did not experience such restrictions.

"Ukraine protested Russia's actions, brought them to the attention of its allies and, by appealing to the Arbitration Court, showed its intention to appeal against the behavior of Russia using all available legal means," the Foreign Ministry added.

As reported by NEWSONE before, law on the introduction of martial law in Ukraine officially took effect, as published in the government newspaper "Voice of Ukraine".

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