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Proven – there is a lake on Mars

More than 3 billion years ago, the lake, which is located in the Mars Crater Gail, dry up with the rest of the planet.

According to a study published in the journal Natural geoscience, there were once salt lakes on Mars that dried up, like some similar lakes on Earth.

This shows that the climate of the red planet was drained over a long period of time. According to the researchers, more than 3 billion years ago, the lake located in the Gale Crater with a diameter of 153 km – a rocky basin that has been explored by NASA Curiosity all-terrain vehicles since 2012 – may have dried up during the global drying of Mars.

According to researchers, including those from Texas A&M University (USA), water that arrives in liquid form on Mars evaporates as the planet's atmosphere becomes thinner. The Gale Crater was formed around 3.6 billion years ago as a result of the fall of the meteorite. Since then, the landscape has recorded the history of Mars, and research shows that it has signs that there was once water, which is a key element of microbial life in the form we know it.

Salt lakes formed during the Red Planet drying period. Lake in Gale Crater has existed for at least hundreds of years, and possibly tens of thousands of years. At the same time, Mars Lake is similar to the mainland. For example, in the Altiplano plateau, which is located near the border of Bolivia and Peru, rivers and streams from the mountains do not flow into the sea, but flow into indoor pools, similar to the Gail crater on Mars. Such hydrology creates lakes where the surface of the water depends on climate. In the dry period of the lake, the Altiplano plateau becomes shallow, and some are even completely dry.

The study also listed the types of chemical elements that existed in Mars water at that time, and explained the types of environmental changes that could be overcome by all potential life forms if they were on Mars.

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