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Photo of Darth Vader candidate published by CEC – Ukraine News

July 14 15:34

The candidate nominated himself in the single member district No. 135 in the Odessa region

Photo: Getty Images

The General Election Commission has published a photo on its website. candidate Darth Viktorovich Vader. He usually doesn't appear in public without the dark king costumes and masks from the Star Wars saga.

According to the CEC, Vader runs in the single member district No. 135 (Odessa region). Candidates born on October 4, 1987 in Kiev, live in the capital. Vader is the director of Dark Side of Force, a member of the Darth Vader Block political party.

By the way, on the official website of the General Election Commission which was renewed for the first time in the history of the Ukrainian parliamentary elections publish photographs of all candidates who are running for majority districts. There you can find candidates in three ways – alphabetically, on party lists or by number of constituents.

In addition, we report it You can change the polling place until Monday, July 15 inclusive. To change the site, you need to write a statement to the State Voters List authority. You only have to have a passport, no other certificates needed.

Total states on Sunday morning, July 14, that is, a week before the initial parliamentary elections, Nearly 220 thousand Ukrainians temporarily change polling stations. Most people re-register in the Donetsk region.

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