Petra Kvitova – Ashley Barty. Estimated and fast pace of Anna Chakvetadze videos 01.22.2019


Dear friends!

In the next round, Peter Kvitova and Ashley Bartie will fight each other. I think tennis players will play more than 21.5 matches. It's very difficult to choose your favorite partner. It seems that both of them are in very good condition.

At the tournament in Sydney, the girls held a three-set match, where Peter Kvitova won. It is not clear what will happen now. Usually after a match like that there is a completely different game, already in a bigger tournament.

Girls know each other well, and it's clear that they listen to important competitions. The tournament in Sydney, of course, is good and interesting, but still everyone wants to prove himself at the Australian Open or in other tournaments from the Grand Slam series.

A good check waiting for the two tennis players. I think we are waiting for a great match. It seems like there will be no easy way through the park, therefore, most likely, more than 21.5 matches will be played.

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