Microsoft asks gamers to help with Windows 10


This was reported on the Xbox website (Microsoft's development specifically for games).

The company launched a new discussion, in which he spoke directly with the players.

"The Xbox team wants to hear your opinion about how you can improve the game on Windows. How does Windows 10 improve your gaming experience? What features do you want to add or change to make the game on Windows 10 better?" .

The Xbox team asked players questions about how they can improve the playing experience in Windows 10, what games they want to see on Windows 10, and also about what this OS should not do when you do it. play something. In response to all these questions, users can leave their own suggestions to improve the game on Windows 10 or choose an existing proposal.

The ideas that get the most votes from gamers will go into development. For example, in the list there have been offers to disable unnecessary processes during the game, create Windows-specific versions for gamers, improve chat and expand regional support for Xbox Live.

The developer also promised to improve the moments that will receive the most complaints.

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