Lutsenko remembers how he taught Tymoshenko to transfer notes from prison while kissing


Attorney General Yury Lutsenko, in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, recalled his detention at SIZO Lukyanovka and recounted how he taught Yulia Tymoshenko to submit records from prison through kisses. This was reported by

"Julia and I met in one of the rice cars. We sat in a neighbor's box. He was very surprised. I was in prison at that time, I think I lived for half a year or more. I already have this: yy! Because he is not afraid to everyone, he didn't hide for protection. And at that time we met him. I taught him how to kiss, how to behave with this … ", – recalled Lutsenko.

The public prosecutor's office now remembers prison rules with nostalgia. He said that it was more difficult to transfer records from the previous prison. "In the days of the Gulag, you had to swallow [записки], and then … to mine. And here it's all with kisses: You tie it in cellofan, you kiss and you share it very slowly. Roll off, publish – that's the way it is, "he said.

He admitted that he had survived the test of living conditions in prison, thanks to the fact that he served two years in the Soviet army. "The only problem is that there is very little space. And it is psychologically oppressive that you are on the same board as those who killed. And I know for sure that it is not my fault," the attorney general honestly said.

Fragment of meeting with Tymoshenko on gasoline 1:17:32

Also, Attorney General Lutsenko said that he did not have evidence of Kuchma's guilt in Gongadze's murder.

As reported by Strana, at the congress on January 22, Yulia Tymoshenko was nominated as a presidential candidate.

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