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In Odessa, unknowns threw Gritsenko's eggs and attacked his supporters

More than a dozen titushki handed pumpkins with dildos to the leader of the Civil Position Party, Anatoly Gritsenko, and threw eggs at him, after which a fight began.

On November 28, 2018, in Odessa, at the entrance to the press center of Terminal 42, strangers attacked the leader of the Civil Position Party, former Ukrainian Minister of Defense Anatoly Gritsenko, wrote Odessa.Online.

According to the newspaper, the attackers were around 15 people. They handed the pumpkin to Gritsenko with a dildo and the words "Ehah on x … d" and threw eggs into politics. Gritsenko threw the pumpkin and got into the car.

After this, there was a dispute between Titushka and Gritsenko who accompanied him. Militia arrived at the scene.

The head of the GUNP prevention activities department in the Odessa region, Ivan Ischenko, said that the police qualified the attack as hooliganism.

Former Verkhovna Rada deputy Yegor Firsov told Facebook that there were around 20 attackers.

"Gritsenko's radio broadcast was disrupted, people were seriously injured … We all know about dozens of cases of attacks on Ukrainian activists whose customers have never been installed. And now a new episode. And this time they attacked not just ordinary activists. They attacked Presidential candidates who admitted to entering the second round. With all my critical attitudes towards the authorities, I did not expect such chaos, "he wrote.

Firsov stressed that Gritsenko's supporters would demand an investigation into the incident, identification and punishment of those responsible.

The presidential election is scheduled for Ukraine on March 31 next year.

According to a November poll by the "Sofia" Social Research Center, Gritsenko was in fifth place in the ranking of presidential candidates. 7.2% of respondents are ready to vote for him.

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