Thursday , June 17 2021

“He committed suicide.” The letter of the actor’s mistress Oleg Efremov was published

Soviet actor Oleg Efremov died in 2000 after a long battle with cancer. His mistress Nina Doroshina believed that the actor committed suicide due to illness.

Soviet actor Oleg Efremov, who died in 2000, could have committed suicide. It is known from a letter from his lover, actress Nina Doroshina, which was published on December 3 on the Russian TV channel 1.

The published letter was addressed to Doroshina’s friend, Vera Karpova.

“Karpova, my dear, has finally gathered the strength to write. I don’t know what condition I was when this man left. On May 24, he left, he committed suicide. On the 31st he was buried. I am still in a dream. Everything in me dies. , environmental perceptions are slowing down, “the letter said.

Another of Doroshina’s friends, Ksenia Lemesheva, explained on air that Doroshina would often call the actor when he was already using an artificial respiration device. The man allegedly complained to her that she was tired of all this, and therefore the actress concluded that she turned off the device herself, thus committing suicide.

At the same time, the actor’s illegitimate daughter, 63-year-old Anastasia Efremova, said what was written in the letter was not true: “What kind of suicide? She died in her sleep.”

Oleg Efremov is the founder of the Sovremennik Theater, he also heads the Moscow Art Theater (MKHAT). Movie viewers are best known for the films “Battalion asks for fire”, “Three poplars at Plyushchikha”, “Beware of cars”, and “Aibolit-66”. Efremov died in 2000 after a long battle with cancer.

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