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GTA V is downloaded by Dial-Up: how much time is needed

The player wasn't too lazy to spend more than a month downloading the game

Modem words and dial-up flocks are almost forgotten in our day. But before the widespread spread of broadband Internet, through this type of connection we were online more than 15 years ago. The speed is very slow, but it's enough to surf the web. An enthusiast with a pseudonym John Glasscock decided to remember "youth" and connect to the Internet through Dial-Up and download something.

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But only to download files he is not interested. Therefore, for the experiment, he decided to download the GTA V game on the PlayStation 4 through the PSN Store and see how long it would take. He demonstrated all the experiments on his YouTube channel.

The game itself weighs about 25 gigabytes. 45 the rest are multiplayer. And it takes around 1100 hours to download one version of the game with a speed of 54 kilobytes per second, which is 45 download days without interruption.

Remember that PlayStation 5 previously revealed its capabilities. And also evidence is found that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released on the computer.

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