Grosso shows how he was before the plastic and changes the image: "Triple charm", photo. Politeka


Famous singer Alina Grosu continues to amaze customers in her pages with new photos and videos

As you know, now internet users are actively posting on their pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram photos a decade ago and made now

The famous Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, who recently lived and worked in the Russian Federation, couldn't help but participate in funny challenges.

Not long ago, Alina showed a photo of the shooting of a new romantic series – "Secret of Love". And this time, it shows itself up to plastic and image changes, so take part in the popular late summer.

"# 10 search challenges will be in the topic -" 15 years ago (8 years) 10 years ago (13 years) And today (23), "wrote the artist under his picture. Interesting fans.

By the way, they did not remain indifferent and began actively commenting on the changes in the star's appearance.

"Beautiful woman ? ?", Everything becomes more beautiful. You bloom like a baby flower ? "," Beautiful Woman "," Eyes do not change) ? "," I remember this curl ❤️ "," Beautiful women always. But even so I prefer Alinka with darker Russian hair)) "," I'm a little yak bilsha VS wild, drunk ? like crazy new songs and you too ", with blonde hair you're beautiful!",

"I remember you being so small." I remember all your songs. On the 19th floor. Without the ghost of a boy. I remember everything with my heart. You are very smart— "," the best curl)) The funniest photo 3 "," We ran with you at Belusov ?? at the age of 8, "Aged … ???", "Three charms. Double charm,", – write netizens under Grosu's writing.

We will note, previously Alina Grosso decided to boast to fans that she acted in the Ukrainian TV series. On the page on the network, the scandal actress posted a photo of the shooting, which captured the process of making TV products.

In the pictures Grosu appears in male actor companies in various images and locations.

In the photo caption, Alina Grosu tells of the series premiere with her participation and asks fans if they watch it:

"See" Secret love "?" Immediately my exit, "wrote the artist.

We noted that previously the singer announced that the premiere of the new series with his role "Secret of Love" will take place on January 14, on the Ukrainian television channel, at 9:15 p.m. Grosu also reports that soon in Russia he will be shown.

Star followers do not allow themselves to wait and begin actively discussing their new publications. Some fans already know about the television series and look forward to a new episode. And those who don't know, congratulate Alina for participating in this project.

"An interesting series, we are waiting for the sequel", "In which series are you going out?", "I also started watching movies, just because of you. And I won't look like that, "" Alin, I'm really looking forward to when you appear in a series. This series is cool, "" Maybe Alina in the television series, for example, a girl's relatives who have died and will now take revenge on her? "We see one breath", – write in a comment.

Remember that candid photos from Grosu rocked the network.

As reported by Politeka, Alina has long been "not a bee."

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