Google smartphone cameras have unusual features.


Google smartphone cameras have unusual features.Smart phones are taught to shoot in total darkness.

Google has updated the standard camera application for Pixel smartphones from all three generations. It seems that the Night Sight mode, allows you to take pictures in very low light conditions, the report refers to

In this mode, you can shoot at a light level of 0.3 lux, and objects captured by the camera, even if they are not visible to the human eye. Shooting is done with very long exposures. – from 1/15 to 1 second, depending on the subject, the lighting and the movement of the phone in the hand. The camera captures several frames, which are then processed by a special algorithm and pasted in one shot. It takes up to 6 seconds to take one photo in Night Sight mode.

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Most likely, Night Sight will remain exclusive to Pixel smartphones, but people should not rule out that Google camera applications in this mode will be moved to other devices.

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